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1. Can I get a refund?

All fitness courses on are non-refundable. Since the products made available here are intangible, we cannot accept any requests for refunds AFTER the courses have begun.

2. How do I win the cash prizes?

Cash prizes are given out based on progress photos. All you have to do is take progress photos at the beginning and end of the program. Send it in to [email protected] and allow us to repost it on our socials to enter!

3. Are these workouts just for women?

Anyone is able to do the workouts. They are not specific to any gender or athletic level.

4. When can I access the content?

The content of courses will be made available on the start date outlined.

5. Do I need to be in a specific country to join?

You can join from any country in the world.

6. Do you have low impact exercises?

The home fat loss courses come with easier alternatives for each movement.

7. Are you before and after photos photoshopped?

Absolutely not, All progress photos are vetted by Laiba and everyone is required to hold up a sign for the date it was taken for this reason! If any progress seems doctored, prizes are not given out and they are not posted on any social media!

8. How much weight can I loose during a course?

There is no way for us to say how much weight you will loose. This all depends on your body and how much effort you are putting in throughout the course.