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Independence Program + BONUS "Talks with Tyler"

In this one hour program you will learn:

  • Learn the different strategies that can build up independence from examples and why it is so important for the future.
  • What is independence
  • Why independence can be challenging
  • How to slowly develop independence
  • What are the benefits to having independence
  • How to celebrate independence
  • How to retain independence
  • and much, much, more...

As a BONUS you also receive:

Tyler Talks: Tyler regularly speaks across the country on the topic of autism. You will get access to ten of his most popular talks ($197.00).

What will you get: 
  • 35 min workouts, 5 days a week
  • Opportunity to win up to $500 for your progress!
  • EVERYTHING is done from the comfort of your home
  • NO equipment needed (a skipping rope is optional)
  • Just click on the workout of the day and workout with BodmonZaid on screen the entire time
  • Register now and start your first session within minutes! All you need is 2 hour each week
  • Cancel at ANY time 
Your Membership Includes:
  • Two New Trainings Per Month
  • Lifetime Access to Vast Content Library
  • Latest Tips, Tools & Resources
  • Virtual Small-Group Coaching
  • Autismworks Private Support Group Access

What People Are Saying:

stars stars stars stars stars

“Hey Laiba! I completed the last week of the challenge today. This is the first time ever I am doing any kind of workouts, I have tried a few diets but nothing really helped. I wasn't even expecting too much but for the first time in my life something really worked for my body too. I am extremely happy with this progress.”

Prabh K.
stars stars stars stars stars

“Just completed your challenge! Look at the change! I'm so happy! Your workouts were the perfect supplement since the gym closed and aHUGE stress reliever from work (I'm a nurse) Thank you so much!”

Emily R.
stars stars stars stars stars

“After 4 long weeks, I did it. And this pushed me more than you could ever imagine. I've lost over 1/2 inches off my waist. I've lost not only weight but inches - and I've gained SO much muscle. I can finally see some definition on my legs. And body in general. This pushed me beyond measures. Thank you to you, and your meals. Having PCOS I've been trying to loose weight for so long. And following your workouts EVERYDAY and eating well it got me here. I worked out with my bathing suit on for MORE motivation. Thank you. Thank you for everything. This meant the world to me.”

Mariam S.