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Laiba Zaid, known to most as @bodmonzaid, is a personal trainer, fitness and beauty blogger who daily inspires her 1.3 million strong following with the message that women need not sacrifice beauty for strength.

Born in a small city in Pakistan, Laiba moved to Canada at the age of 4 with her two brothers. Her experiences have made her fiercely devoted to the celebration of diversity and self-acceptance on your own terms.

Growing up with 2 brothers taught Laiba how to take and make her place as both a girl and tomboy. It instilled in her the ability to find the confidence to both embrace her femininity and push the boundaries to redefine what is perceived to ‘play like a girl’.

Fitness and wellbeing across all its categories, from beauty to inner confidence are at the core of what Laiba aspires to inspire with. In everything that she does she aims to demonstrate to women beauty on your own terms. For Laiba this translates into flaunting what you’ve got without having to give into the pressures of how society wants you to flaunt it. Instead Laiba promotes beauty and fitness as a celebration of your best self.

What started off as the pastime of a 19 year old Laiba, on the quest to get fit, learn beauty and have fun has become a passionate community of people who celebrate being STRONG & CUTE!